About us

Conducting and managing your business in the digital age has come with new threats. In most cases the small or medium sized firm is not equipped to deal with those threats, becoming victims of cyber related crime, extortion, suffering from intellectual property theft to name a few, which can result in a direct monetary loss for your business, legal or regulatory sanction, loss of reputation and customers to a custodial sentences.

CISO International is constructively disrupting the security solutions and advisory service by working with global suppliers of services and technology to design solutions that can be consumed by small and medium sized business. A cost effective approach through a subscription based service allowing for a manageable way to protect your business without the price tags.

About us

Our Mission

Committed to delivering affordable Information & Cyber Security advisory and technical solutions to small and medium sized enterprise

Our Vision

Our vision is to be constructively disruptive to the advisory & cyber security market places and playing a leading role in addressing cyber security needs of organisations world-wide.

Over 25 years of experience
Cutting Edge Technology Solutions
Affordable Services
Expert advisory team

Our Services

What service is right for you? Deciding on what tools or technologies to help protect you can be a daunting task...
"we think global and act locally"

Our business is designed to provide a cost affordable way to protect what is important to you. We do this through a tier model and is based on annual or monthly subscriptions

We provide an initial consultation free of charge to determine the scope of work and then work with you to find the best way to help you develop a secure working environment with what you can afford.

Our advisory services are delivered by a consumption based model with very clear time parameters to allow for the execution of a service. We do not want to waste your time and money therefore will automate as much as possible

Together and in partnership we will provide you a service and access to cutting edge solution to help protect your business.


Our Clients

We are strong believers as a provider of Information and Cyber security advisory services that your privacy is of the up most importance As such we do not disclose who we work with and we do not advertise, brand or post any information in relation to our client network. We will never disclose information to any third party without your specific consent.

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